Monday, 25 August 2014

Waldorf kindergarten

My son bounds down the path to his beautiful Waldorf kindergarten. Racing me to the gate - he simply cannot wait to get there! He is going through a competitive stage where winning is the focus and often it is about racing, so I often hear 'I won! I got here first!'

And thankfully the day starts outside. In the beautiful kindergarten grounds with abundant flowers and trees. Often he has ran off to play before I even have a chance to say goodbye ~ I will see him starting to build a cubby with large sticks, create a dam or climb a tree.

But it makes me smile, as I take my daughter's hand and we wave in his direction as we go.

Starting the day outside helps my boy expend some energy and allows the children to engage with nature and each other. I love the Waldorf mantra of no bad weather just bad clothing. So I pack two extra changes of clothes, including waterproof pants for my lad, and often they are used!

His teacher tells me of his daily exploits during our parent teacher meeting. She tells me he is enjoying climbing the trees, testing his limits and engaging with risk. Such important things for children to do!

I am also told that he is learning the limits of rough house play and that sometimes when you play roughly you will get hurt. When this happens the children are encouraged to help comfort each other.

I hear he is becoming something of a leader in his class ~ words that cannot help but make me smile.

And when it comes time to venture inside, he helps make the morning tea {his favourite is millet bake, or is it apple crumble or rice pudding!}. After indoor play he helps pack away to a song about gnomes tidying up ~ don't you love the whimsy *grin*

His handwork is coming along {he tells me he is up to French knitting and excitedly that octopus is next! I think that might be weaving of some sort?} and he creates beautiful puppet shows for telling his classmates stories.

He tells me he likes Fridays the best. On Fridays they get to 'read' books to themselves at rest time and have extra outdoor play. And I think ~ well that sounds pretty good to me.

Happy days,

Monday, 18 August 2014

How to make a rainbow peg doll

Sometimes I need to remind myself to keep it simple when it comes to crafts. I get all excited thinking about little hats, clothes, wings, not to mention adding in some paint here and there. Keeping it simple can be so very lovely though. And sometimes simple means finding the time to craft amid everything else.

To make a simple rainbow peg doll I used:
  • a peg doll base
  • watercolour paint
  • felt
  • thread
  • glue
  • scissors
My daughter crafted alongside me, painting her own little peg doll. While I painted a rainbow on mine.

We chose some felt for our wings and I cut out a simple wing shape.

I sewed some thread along the middle of the wings, then wrapped it around the neck of the peg doll twice. Stitching into the felt each time I went around. We added a little glue to hold the wings against the back of the peg dolls.

Finished and ready for play!

 Warmly, Kelly

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Waldorf play kitchen

Our new home has the most perfect little nook for our Waldorf play kitchen. With a lovely big window that the morning sun floods through. It's between our kitchen and family room... at one end of our dining room. So right in the center of activity!

It brings together some lovely Waldorf-y elements we have been gathering over the last few years... A little child sized kitchen hutch with egg cups, milk bottles and bakeware. A sweet little table that my mum gave us when she moved away. And my favourite ~ a little olden style oven. I'd been coveting a beautiful Waldorf wooden one when my mother in law's heater broke. She offered it to us to convert into a play oven. And isn't it just right!

Then there are the little touches... a beautiful Waldorf alphabet from the Old Freedom Train (I've only recently put this up, despite having it for a couple of years, as my son is now very interested in letters). A colourful rug to bring the area together. And what play kitchen would be complete without a tea set. Chai tea and cake is served to me quite regularly!

Happy days, Kelly