Monday, 15 December 2014

A beautiful Nativity Set

We are not a Christian family. The story about the birth of Jesus is however part of Christmas for our family. At my son's Waldorf school they are hearing the story and learning songs that celebrate this aspect of Christmas. We have a number of books about the story and we read them.

And now we have the most amazingly beautiful nativity set. Beautifully handcrafted by my close friend Andj. Needle felted with warmly vibrant wool roving. I don't quite know how to express how grateful I am to receive this beautiful gift. It gives me great joy.

The children are tempted to play, and I have said they can tell the story using the set soon. But I want them to understand the beauty of the nativity and to hold it in reverence.

I am thankful for the tradition of storytelling in Waldorf schools, where children experience a story through the warmth of the words of the story teller and the use of magical props to capture their imagination with beauty. I am grateful that this leads to the children following in this story telling tradition themselves. So I will await their call that the story will soon be told.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Making Christmas bells

There is a merry little sight as you walk up the path to our home at the moment. A shimmer of glitter and the invitation to ring two pretty Christmas bells. They make a lovely ringing sound, more than you might expect from a terracotta pot and wooden bead.

We crafted on a stormy afternoon. With terracotta pots, wooden beads, wool and a little glue. And while the rain poured down and the thunder crashed above our heads we covered everything in glitter. Or so it would seem *grin*

We made twisties using Christmas-y coloured wool (we share how here). Then threaded a bead onto the twistie to ring against the side of the terracotta pot. To keep the bead in the right spot, we also tied a double knot up a bit higher to rest near the small drainage hole in the pot. Making sure on both ends to leave some of the twistie for tying the bell, and ringing it.

Outside we went as the skies cleared, to find the perfect spots for our little bells.

Happy crafting,

Monday, 1 December 2014

A Waldorf Advent Stick

We have been counting down to Advent. A countdown to a countdown. To when we can start opening the rainbow of parcels on our beautiful Waldorf Advent Stick!

The parcels are filled with little handmade goodies and gifts from nature. The goodies and gifts will be used to tell the advent story in the Waldorf tradition. This means celebrating the mineral, plant, animal and human realms.

To start our advent journey we will place a red playsilk on a table, together with a royal blue playsilk for the sky. As we open the parcels we will place the goodies and gifts on the red playsilk. By the end of advent we will have a beautiful display telling the story of Advent.

I will be sharing our journey on Instagram and would love for you to follow along. 

Little Lorikeets' craft group make and sell these beautiful Advent Sticks to raise money to support single parents and low income families attend their Steiner playgroup. They are keeping a list of people who would love an Advent Stick next year, so get in touch!

 Blessings, Kelly