Monday, 26 January 2015

How to make a whirly gig

On the last day of school term the children received the gift of play in the form of a whirly gig! It was the perfect way to start the holidays. With the children heading home with colourful whirly gigs spinning in their wake.

At home we used some wet-on-wet watercolour paintings to make more, using the first as a template (and here is a template for you).

Together we cut around the outside of the whirly gig and down the middle to make the propeller. Then we cut the two smaller cuts into the body of the whirly gig. Next we folded one propeller part forward and one back. The sides of the body were folded in from where we made the smaller cuts too (like in the photo above).

Then the kids made some new wool twisties ~ with a bead in the middle ~ to tie through the end of their whirly gigs (see how here).

Then we were all running around the house and backyard making them spin!

Happy crafting, Kelly

Monday, 19 January 2015

Reclaiming our rhythm

We are slowly reclaiming our rhythm since bub arrived.

And it has made me ponder the things that can cause us to feel like we are losing our rhythm. And to acknowledge that there will always be ups and downs and change in life. We get sick. We feel tired. We go on holidays. Things change. There will be weeks when we are busier than we would prefer. 

So I am shifting my thinking.

Instead of feeling like we have lost our rhythm, I will try to think about our rhythm changing to accommodate and reflect our new or temporary reality.

I will try to remember to go back to basics. To the anchors of the day ~ our mealtimes, our morning and evening rhythms. To build back slowly from there. And to accept that our days may end up looking different to how they were before.

Because our rhythm supports us and provides consistency. But it is adaptable and flowing. It is easy to think of things as fixed when they are anything but. So we will aim to keep our rhythm simple to suit our family.

When we feel ready, we may add little things here and there to our days. A walk after our morning rhythm. Some songs and finger play following lunch. An activity we do together, like baking, crafting or gardening. With free play interspersing these other moments and providing balance to our days.

And if we are tired because of a restless night, again, we can go back to basics without guilt.

Warmly, Kelly

Monday, 12 January 2015

Sleeping in

A stolen hour or half hour of sleep on the weekend is delicious.

I've never been much of a morning person and luckily (touch wood) my kids tend to wake up around 7.30. I can cope with that. But on the weekend I still love a sleep in.

To help grab a few more winks I often leave out some craft materials or invitation to play for the kids to discover in the morning. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. But on the mornings it does I feel super lucky.

And some mornings I hear my son helping his sister with breakfast and even getting dressed. She can do these things herself, but still likes us to help her, so I am very appreciative that he does this.

The outfits they may chose might be rather different ~ she has a bit of a shorts over leggings thing going on right now! Or they may stay in pyjamas half the day {with 'weapons' tucked down their tops}...

And the house may feel more 'well played in' when I get up, but this is a small thing when I get those stolen winks.

How do you manage to grab some extra sleep?

Happy days