Monday, 29 September 2014

Roughhouse play

It took me quite awhile to be ok with roughhouse play. And you know, it was initially more that I was worried about other parents' expectations about the play and how we responded to it than the play itself. Although I did harbour some concerns about the kids getting hurt. But I also noticed it was hard for the kids to come back down from their roughhouse high.

I tried encouraging my son to play differently for a little while. We have no toy guns or weapons in our home (we do have a water pistol but that's a bit different right?). But it's funny how easily a clothes hanger and elastic band can become a bow, or a stick can become a sword...

Then I started reading articles and books about why children need roughhouse play, and why playing with toy guns can be okay. Our kindy teacher also talked to me about how important roughhouse play is and how they managed it in the playground.

I've learnt that this kind of play has many benefits ~ it helps kids learn their limits, builds emotional resilience and empathy, and it allows dad's to connect with their kids in a way that might feel more comfortable. 

So I got comfortable with the idea and more able to defend it.

Now we have rules to minimise risk (no sticks near faces for example), and we encourage the kids to help their friends if someone does accidentally get hurt. Story telling can also be used to encourage safe rough play.

And you know what, my husband loves a bit of roughhouse play ~ and nothing is more fun than roughhousing with your dad!

How do you feel about roughhouse play?

Warmly, Kelly

Monday, 22 September 2014

Spring play dough

Natural play dough {no colour, no scent} wrapped in pretty wool and placed on a board scattered with Spring blossom. Because making things look pretty is fun *smile*

Mind you, it looked like this for as long as it took to take these photos! Then the kids were rolling it, cutting it and making it into pizzas.

I was inspired to make Spring play dough by Learning4Kids ~ they made Spring scented play dough.

Isn't play dough adaptable and wonderful! And we love to incorporate appreciation for the seasons in our crafting and play.

The next day, to mix it up, the kids coloured their dough. And despite my efforts to avoid blue is for boys and pink is for girls... that is what they chose! It wasn't long though until we had purple *laugh*

Happy Spring,

Monday, 15 September 2014

A giveaway ~ rainbow wool!

Knitting with rainbow wool is really rather delicious. Watching the colours emerge and become. And I particularly love Indigo Inspirations' hand painted rainbow wool. It is lovely and soft to work with and the colours are divine.

I've used many Indigo Inspirations' craft materials and am always tempted to get more! It's also great to support small business ~ and Indigo Inspirations is a small business ~ with Jo Hodges as owner, operator and entire staff!

Jo is based in beautiful Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, Australia. She is happily living in an old farm house and spends most of her time painting wool and felt on her veranda {sounds rather blissful to me!}

You can be tempted by Jo's craft materials on Etsy or connect via Indigo Inspirations online, Facebook and Instagram.

And now I'm excited to give you a chance to try this gorgeous wool for yourself!

For your chance to win 100gms of 16 ply....
...tell me what you would be inspired to create with the rainbow wool!

Comments close at 8pm AEST on 22 September 2014
I will choose my favourite answer and announce the winner in this post on 25 September.
Remember to leave a way for me to get in touch! 

And the winner is Binny C who said 'My eldest boy who's 6 and very keen on octopus knitting would love to use such colourful wool! I showed him your blog post and his face beamed at the beautiful wool. I've been thinking of trying wool from Indigo inspirations for a while so this would be great to win'


Good luck,