Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Beeswax candles

There is no end to wonderful inspiration in blogland is there! Recently I was reading My Rhythm and Rhyme in Motherhood and Nicole had just made some gorgeous beeswax candles. I had some beeswax over from another project so decided to try it out :-)

Given that Valentines is approaching I decided to go with heart shaped candles. Although Master D had other ideas and produced a couple of his dinosaur biscuit cutters. While I was melting the wax in the microwave the dinosaurs became quite agitated and came to blows (or something like that)!

We set out our biscuit cutters on a tray with baking paper underneath and wicks at the ready.

The first couple went really well, but after that I had wax going everywhere! And a week later I still seem to be finding wax about the place and trying to melt it away! Husband of Mine has suggested I do things somewhat differently next time... mmm, he might be right - I didn't really need to grate the wax just to have it all happen quicker... perhaps I shouldn't have used the usual glass measuring cup - although I have got the wax off now (promise)!

Waxy *roar*
I'm still pretty pleased with our results - and the smell is delicious!

Warmly, Kelly