Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy lil ❤'s are baking #14

What did you bake or cook with your kids this week?

Below is a linky list so you can join in the fun and start sharing what you bake with your kids! Family favourites, new recipes, cultural or traditional recipes - you name it, we'd like to read about them, and if you include the details, try them out :-) 

 After seeing the biscuits Goblin from Taming the Goblin made for Easter last week, Master D wanted to make some. 

~ Master D's Easter Biscuits ~

We used the sugar cookie recipe from April's Homemaking that Crafty Moms Share used recently.  It was a really easy recipe to follow and turned out very tasty.

Yes, he is still in his pj's! As soon as he woke up he wanted to bake. So once breakfast was over we got into it *smile*

We started cutting the biscuits using these cute rabbit, chick and 'egg' (well bauble, but Master D said it was close enough to an egg) cutters. The biscuits kept getting stuck though, so we abandoned ship and moved to just using a glass.

And we were able to use this wonderfully thoughtful gift that we received from Finding the Puddles, handmade in Maine, to take the biscuits from the oven :-)

Master D then got down to the serious task of decorating! Do you see a little one peeking up, wishing she could join in! Won't be long until she can help a little :-)

I love how involved in the process he gets when making things like this.

We can't wait to see what you've been up to in the kitchen with your kids!

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Happy baking, Kelly