Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cultural swap

We love sending and receiving parcels...
And learning about other parts of our amazing world *smile*
So when we came across the Worldwide Culture Swap hosted by Little Red Farm we were super excited!!!

Culture Swapper

We are swapping parcels with families in Slovenia, Scotland, South Africa and the USA
And we've had such fun collecting items to include in our 'Australia' pack!

We've visited tourist attractions to collect ideas and information to share...
Such as the Australian mint ~ where Dino Boy got to make his own coin!
{so we've included a coin set and some play notes}

For animal lovers there are some koalas...
.... and Possum Magic {one of my favourite story books}
It features many Australian animals and our wonderful and varied landscape

And you can't get a cultural parcel from Australia without including some vegemite!
Vegemite is a spread used on toast or savoury biscuits
{vegemite is best spread thin... so one of the small containers would be good for 4 pieces of toast }

We also shared a copy of our national anthem ~ Advance Australia Fair well as our 'unoffical national anthem' ~ Waltzing Matilda
{which is about travelling on foot with your worldly possessions in a Matilda (bag) over your back}

If you are interested to learn more about Australia...
... you can read my guest post as part of Mama Smiles' Exploring Geography series!

Warmly, Kelly

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