Monday, 21 October 2013

Making a gnome home

It's fun setting up invitations to create like this one....

Placing things carefully to look inviting
and then waiting for the kids to spot them *grin*

I'd actually toyed with the idea of keeping these little houses as a project for me
but knew the kids would love painting them!

And I must admit, watching their faces when they did spot this little set up was a gift *smile*

  They used the pretty watercolours and went to work painting their little houses
I was pleasantly surprised that Dino Boy took his time and used his brush gently

And Little Miss Q glorified in the colours
Spreading them across the wood and watching them shine

Until they were both done
and there was a little paint splattered
but they seemed happy and satisfied with their creations

Next we will have the fun of deciding where they will live
And who might live in them!

Happy crafting,


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  2. The gnome homes are such a fun idea. I love it!

  3. Great post! My LO keeps asking to make a Gnome home for Gnomeo and Juliet Movie! This is great. Just wondering if you made these paints yourself (due to the baby food jars) & if you could share the recipe?

    1. Hi Jeanine, that's a fun movie :-) The paints are actually watercolours... I add a dab or two to the jar and then add water before shaking :-)

  4. What a fun idea I can't wait to see who moves into the little homes! I've enjoyed watching your children grow and explore over the past few years here on your blog. ~Rachel


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