Monday, 28 October 2013

Remnants of play

Lately I've been collecting sweet insightful photos of my children's remnants of play...

And seeing these left behind snapshots of their play often gives me goosebumps
to see how their imaginations turn little objects into lovely play scenes

It is all the more special when I see that their mama made toys are often their favourites
mixed in with other toys and  left for me to discover!

Thinking about the left behind play scenes in this way has helped me to appreciate the imaginative play that has taken place, rather than see the mess left behind.

Collecting these lovely remnants of play has been inspired 

To see other little #remnantsofplay pop on by instagram

Warmly, Kelly


  1. Beautiful remnants of play special to come across them I think. Absolutely love the gnomes on the drawer handles x Tara loved looking at your pictures as i scrolled through!

  2. "Remnants of play." How beautiful, and what a wonderful perspective instead of (mess that they didn't clean up!) I must say that I am envious of your toys… I'm not sure that the remnants of play at our house would look quite so beautiful due to the quality of their toys. Those clips are too cool and my kids would LOVE them!! Where did you find them?

    1. Thanks Julie - not all the leftover toys look this lovely, but some do :-) I got the clips on Etsy from

  3. Lol. Your children have a great imagination. I think everyone with children at home can relate. Thank you for sharing your photographs.

  4. i love the remnants of play idea. Sometimes I look at the room after Goblin has gone to bed and I smile. Beautiful photos. I haven't stopped by for a while (what with crimbo and everything) and I'm so glad I did. You blog always makes me feel peaceful


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