Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bedtime yoga

I've been working on little ways to incorporate more movement into my days...

Now that I am working part time, doing school runs and going to playgroup, little time is left over for exercise, movement and meditation. So when some of my lovely readers on Facebook suggested books about yoga with children I couldn't wait to get started *smile*

We chose Sleepy Little Yoga... and it is the sweetest little book with a good amount of poses that help children wind down, stretching before bedtime... As well as getting this Mama stretching and moving alongside them *grin*

Little Miss Q is loving it too, and each time I say bedtime... let's go do some bedtime yoga she toddles off down to her room and gets the book ready.

Seeing her in the poses is one of the cutest things I've ever seen... she likes being the sleepy bunny {think child's pose}, the upside-down bat and bear cub with her legs stretched high into the air *grin*

And I know it is only a small amount of movement for me, but it is surprising how well I feel afterwards

Do you do yoga with your children? What books could you suggest?
And for more kid friendly yoga ideas pop over to Just For Daisy.



  1. Oh that is such a great book. I borrowed that one from the library and printed the pages on coloured sheets and blue tac them to the back of my son's door so we could do yoga before bed.

  2. Thanks much for linking to my blog! :) We absolutely LOVE yoga and I agree that watching your little ones do the poses is so cute! I also love that they see it as a real challenge and enjoy manipulating their bodies to form each pose!! We have an iPhone app now as well as our own little routine. But I'm keen to check out these books! :)

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I practice yoga regularly (now that my kids are both in school) and love it. My 11 year old daughter has taken a kids yoga class and my son has had a few classes at our Waldorf school so we do simple poses together. Yes, it is surprising how just a few poses can make us all feel so much better! And oh my goodness your daughter is darling! Thank you for sharing...Lori

  4. My daughter is only about to turn 1 but this book is now in my wishlist for when she is old enough to do this. She becomes overstimulated and grumpy and some quiet time after a bath is ideal for calming her before bed.

  5. This is an adorable idea for little ones.
    So cute. I think we should incorporate something like this into our chill time before bed :)

  6. We're just starting yoga with our daughter too. Great for mums and the bubs!

  7. I don't do yoga at all with my little girl but I really want to start. You've totally inspired me. THANK YOU! :)

  8. What a lovely way to relax before bed time. My twins could do with some of that. Bed time can be a nightmare. Preparing for it is a wonderful idea!

  9. This is too precious! We love little yoga here too :)

  10. I have some meditation books for children, but I don't actually have any yoga ones. We do love it though. We use Waybaloo to help us, and we love the post from Just for Daisy.

    Might try and get this one.

  11. I love this book! We've borrowed it from the library and the kids loved doing the movements before bed. Even though we've long since returned it, they sometimes will reference the poses....I think I need to be borrowing it again!


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